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Investing in Separate Accounts (Kevin D. Freeman, Erik H. Davidson)

Kevin D. Freeman, Erik H. Davidson Investing in Separate Accounts

All about separate accounts, the increasingly popular alternative to mutual funds Investors have long enjoyed the diversification of mutual funds but are tired of the minimal investment control, hidden fees, and embedded capital gains liabilities. Investing in Separate Accounts explains why­­in the minds and portfolios of today"s most knowledgeable investors­­separate accounts have become the new investment of choice. From how separate accounts work to where to open them, how to find the best account managers, and ways that investors can see and track each investment in their account, this book provides the inside details on the fast-growing class of investments that have earned the nickname "private mutual funds." Articles in publications from theWall Street Journal to Forbes to have sung the praises of separate accounts. Through analyses and case studies, Investing in Separate Accounts takes investors beyond media reports to discuss: Processes for building a separate account Five innovative ways to keep costs down Elements of a successful separate account strategy Обо всём этом и не только в книге Investing in Separate Accounts (Kevin D. Freeman, Erik H. Davidson)

Автор: Kevin D. Freeman, Erik H. Davidson


ISBN: 0071385088


investing in separate accounts

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