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Compact Interiors (Carles Broto)

Carles Broto Compact Interiors

21 beautifully-illustrated case studies of small houses ingeniously designed to maximize their limited space make this an indispensable sourcebook. Included are floor plans, technical specifications, materials used and commentary on each project, all provided by the designing architects themselves. Christian Pottgiesser, Jo Crepain, Koh Kitayama, Joel Sanders are just some of the architectural luminaries who have contributed to this fine selection. This exhaustively documented sourcebook will be invaluable for professionals and students of Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Furniture Design. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Compact Interiors (Carles Broto)

Автор: Carles Broto


ISBN: 9812451870


compact interiors

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