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Learn VbNet (Chuck Easttom)

Chuck Easttom Learn VbNet

When Visual Basic was introduced in 1991, it revolutionized Windows programming. The latest version of Visual Basic, VB.NET, continues that trend, and now has all the power and functionality of other mainstream languages. Learn VB.NET covers all aspects of VB.NET in a format designed to show novice programmers how to develop professional applications. Beginning with basic programming techniques, the author leads readers through the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, Microsoft"s .NET architecture, ADO.NET, and object models. Additionally, readers will learn about designing software, testing and debugging, and developing Web-based applications. A brief introduction to object-oriented software design with Unified Modeling Language is provided, along with a discussion of TCP/IP programming. The book offers numerous examples and fully working professional quality applications to illustrate highlighted concepts, and includes review questions at the end of each chapter. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Learn Vb.Net (Chuck Easttom)

Автор: Chuck Easttom


ISBN: 1556229526


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