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Speed to Market Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops (Vincent Bozzone)

Vincent Bozzone Speed to Market Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops

Lean manufacturing is the single most effective way to increase sales, cut costs, improve margins, and secure the future of a business. The problem is that the principles and philosophies of lean manufacturing are geared strictly to mass production operations--and can be ineffective, even detrimental, for smaller job shops and make-to-order businesses. Now, Speed to Market delivers a proven approach for smaller suppliers who want to successfully cut their lead time and trigger profitablegrowth. Completely updated and expanded, the book explains how to: * Apply the principles of pull, flow, and the elimination of waste to every area of the company, at every stage from "quotes to cash" * Implement a continuous improvement process--while sidestepping the typical implementation pitfalls * Ease scheduling problems * Improve performance and profitability using the book"s practical concepts, process analysis tools, and perspective-enhancing techniques--and much more. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Speed to Market: Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops (Vincent Bozzone)

Автор: Vincent Bozzone


ISBN: 0814406947


speed to market lean manufacturing for job shops

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