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Rolling Stones Off the Record (Mark Paytress)

Mark Paytress Rolling Stones Off the Record

A companion volume to The Beatles: Off the Record, this book rediscovers the Rolling Stones history as it was being made, in print and on mike. Here in their own words, are the unguarded comments and scandalous opinions that would often later be denied, as the Stones and their entourage matured from young rebels into established rockers. Here is a verbal documentary laced with the authentic flavor of the rebellious Rolling Stones in their heyday, the craziness that surrounded Mick and Keith and their disintegrating compatriot Brian Jones, the Stone who died from overexposure to everything the Sixties could offer. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Rolling Stones: Off the Record (Mark Paytress)

Автор: Mark Paytress


ISBN: 0711988692


rolling stones off the record

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