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CompTIA Network Rapid Review (Exam N10005) (Craig Zacker)

Craig Zacker CompTIA Network Rapid Review (Exam N10005)

Assess your readiness for CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005a??and quickly identify where you need to focus and practice. This practical, streamlined guide walks you through each exam objective, providing "need to know" checklists, review questions, tips, and links to further studya??all designed to help bolster your preparation.Reinforce your exam prep with a Rapid Review of these objectives:Network Concepts Network Installation and Configuration Network Media and Topologies Network Management Network Security This book is an ideal complement to the in-depth training of the Microsoft PressA® Training Kit and other exam-prep resources for CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005. Обо всём этом и не только в книге CompTIA Network+ Rapid Review (Exam N10-005) (Craig Zacker)

Автор: Craig Zacker


ISBN: 0735666830


comptia network rapid review (exam n10005)

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