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Pretear Volume 3 (Pretear) (Junichi Satou, Kaori Naruse)

Junichi Satou, Kaori Naruse Pretear Volume 3 (Pretear)

The Princess of Disaster is gaining power, and she is draining Leafe at an alarming rate. The Leafe Knights are calling upon Himeno to become the Pretear and destroy the seeds of the Princess, but she is engaged in a battle of her own. Her home life is quickly becoming a war zone. After Himeno"s father, a one-time famous author, refuses to write any more, his new bride - Natsue - transforms into an even worse rival for Himeno. And now, Natsue is employing the help of Himeno"s wicked stepsister, Mayune. The worlds of reality and of dreams both become nightmare-infested as life is slowly drained from Himeno and the living nature around her. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Pretear Volume 3 (Pretear) (Junichi Satou, Kaori Naruse)

Автор: Junichi Satou, Kaori Naruse


ISBN: 1413901468


pretear volume 3 (pretear)

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