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Chosen (John A McFall)

John A McFall Chosen

For good or bad, she"d been chosen. If she was going to be the one to make up for some great wrong committed two hundred years ago, so be it. The Highwayman wanted to make amends for his actions - through her! When Londoner Lizzie Miller leaves her friends Donna and Bendy and hits Hazelthwaite, a sleepy village in Northumberland, she finds it too quiet by half for her adventurous teenage spirits. Quiet, that is, until fussy old Agnes Smith is murdered in Hazelthwaite Church, along with the vicar. Maybe the Axenthorpe Icon, on view in the church minus its precious jewels, has something to do with it. Certainly, the appearance of a mysterious highwayman from the 1800s, and the sinister involvement of a Dutch jewel dealer, put Lizzie in the frame. And when the jewels start to reappear in their settings around the Icon, a lot of people are keen to see just what Lizzie"s up to - including her parents, and the altogether amazing Robbie Axenthorpe! Behind John McFall"s stirring adventure story there"s also an interesting slant on the workings of history and fate. Can people exist beyond time, and communicate across the centuries? The answer depends on whether or not you"ve been. Chosen! Обо всём этом и не только в книге Chosen (John A McFall)

Автор: John A McFall

Издательство: Книга по Требованию

ISBN: 9781844015

Год: 2005


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