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The Little Children and the Fairies (Mhari Aine)

Mhari Aine The Little Children and the Fairies

All is well in the little children"s village in a land far, far away. The villagers are happy and the children laugh all day long. But then, one day, a robin comes to the village and brings some sad news - there are some bad people on the way who want to hurt the villagers and steal the children"s laughter. But all is not lost! The robin calls on his fairy friends to help the villagers and, before they know it, they are joined by a unicorn, an archangel and lots of fairies who will do anything they can to help them save their peaceful world, even if it means using a little fairy dust along the way. Mhari Aine is a nurse and grandmother who has enjoyed telling fairy tales to her children and her grandchildren for many years. Now she would like to share her stories with other children in the world so that they can enjoy fairies and angels too. Обо всём этом и не только в книге The Little Children and the Fairies (Mhari Aine)

Автор: Mhari Aine

Издательство: Книга по Требованию

ISBN: 9781847483

Год: 2008

the little children and the fairies

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